We are hiring a Stars Grants/Technology Coordinator



IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR: ELRC Implementation and Operations Coordinator

STARTING SALARY RANGE : $29,120-$33,000, Full-time, 35 hrs/wk., Non-Exempt Status

Overall responsibility: Manage, distribute and monitor all budgetary, contractual and financial compliance of all Keys to Quality Grants. Work closely with the CCA Fiscal office, the Implementation and Operations Coordinator, Marketing and Communications Director, STARS Quality Coaches, and the CCA Chief Fiscal Officer/Accounting Department to assure quality control of Keys to Quality grants and funding opportunities.

Specific Duties:

  1. Reviews provider contracts and agreements to assure appropriate language, guidelines and amounts are in place.
  2. Collaborates with STARS Quality Coaches and STARS Coordinator in developing, compiling, reconciling and balancing reports for Keystone STARS awards.
  3. Communicates and collaborates with Implementation and Operations Coordinator, and CCA Fiscal Office staff regarding funding expenditures.
  4. Tracks, reports and prepares accounts payable documentation for expenditures relating to all Keystone STARS grant award agreements.
  5. Prepares all grant agreements for all Keystone STARS awards in collaboration with STARS Quality Coaches and the Implementation and Operations Coordinator
  6. Works to ensure the fiscal integrity, accountability and adherence to proper auditing documentation and guidelines of the Keystone STARS program.
  7. Verifies information on discrepancies with appropriate staff or vendor and makes corrections as warranted.
  8. Conducts periodic site visits to grantees in conjunction with Quality Coaches to review and verify contract compliance.
  9. Maintains accurate and timely budget reports for all Keystone STARS grantees and for internal management.
  10. Responds to any requests from DHS, Office of Child Development, regarding reports, analysis or questions on any grants issued.
  11. Develops and maintains positive working relationships with staff and other ELRC partners.
  12. Maintains complete, accurate and accessible automated and manual files, records and databases, and prepares associated reports as required by government, funding source, and CCA management.
  13. Ensures compliance with government, funding sources and CCA regulations and requirements.
  14. Participates in internal and external professional development programs and opportunities to augment professional skills.
  15. Performs other such duties as may be required by the Director or Implementation or Operations Coordinator within the scope of the ELRC.
  16. Other duties as may be required


  1. Associate Degree in accounting, business management or related field, or any combination of education and experience sufficient to demonstrate possession of the required knowledge, skills and abilities
  2. Two (2) years’ related experience in demonstrated area
  3. Ability to communicate effectively and work productively and collaboratively with employees, government agencies, service providers, program participants, human service organizations, educational institutions and other key partners in a positive, professional, and pleasant manner in writing, by phone and in personal contacts.
  4. Ability to maintain a high level of confidentiality and sensitivity in all working relationships.
  5. Ability to organize, prioritize and establish schedules to accomplish program goals and evaluate the delivery of service and program objectives.
  6. Ability to provide management with timely and accurate reports and recommendations.
  7. Ability to maintain complete, accurate and accessible files and records.
  8. Working knowledge of personal computers and networked systems and their use and application for database management, tracking and reporting in a human services or similar environment.
  9. Ability to plan, organize and carry out assignments and responsibilities on time, correctly, in a professional, effective, efficient and independent manner.
  10. Ability and flexibility to participate in services, programs and activities during regular scheduled workdays, evenings and weekends when necessary
  11. Ability to meet the physical demands associated with work in an office environment; including lifting, bending and carrying and travel to other facilities within the region
  12. Valid PA driver’s license, reliable transportation, vehicle insurance to comply with Agency standards of coverage, and willing to travel in all the counties we serve, and other counties as required.
  13. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) fingerprint processed in accordance with Public Law 92522 and Child Protective Services Law (Title 23, PA C.S. Chapter 63), Federal Criminal History Background Check
  14. Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance
  15. PA State Police Report of Criminal History Clearance.


This position is in our Somerset Office.