Weatherization and Housing RehabilitationWeatherization and Home Rehabilitation services.

Bedford, Cambria, Fulton, and Somerset counties.

Our program helps to keep your home “up to standard state code.” Let us help you today, please call!

Programs in this Category

Program NameProgram CountiesIncome GuidelinesRegulationsPrimary Contact
Weatherization (WX)Bedford;Cambria;Fulton200% FPGProof of identification
Proof of ownership of home, mobile home, and/or ground
Proof of income for 12 months
Electric and fuel usage for 12 months
Can not have received WX services after September 30, 1994
Housing RehabilitationBedfordBetween 250% and 300% and also based on jurisdictionProof of identification
For owner-occupied homes
Placement of 5-year lien on the home; removed at end of 5th year
Deed must be in homeowner’s name
Proof of homeowner’s insurance; including flood if necessary
Proof of income for 12 months
Previous 2 years income tax returns
Previous 6 months bank statements
Asset verification
Proof of 2 years paid real estate taxes
One mortgage or lien is allowable
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