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STARTING SALARY RANGE: $34,580-$45,000, Full-time, 35 hrs/wk, Non- Exempt,

Overall responsibility: The STARS Quality Coaches are a core component of the Early Learning Resource Center. Through the use of the Keystone STARS Standards, the Quality Coach is responsible for guiding and directing early education and school- age practitioners towards achieving quality by engaging them in a Continuous Quality Improvement process. The Quality Coach acts as a resource, providing practitioners with information and support assisting them to develop and implement appropriate plans to achieve the goals of Keystone STARS. The Quality Coach works in conjunction with Technology and Grant Coordinator to enable providers to access Keystone STARS grants and awards. The primary task of the Keystone Quality Coach is to guide programs through the process of understanding the intention behind the Standards; act as an expert on available resources; and make recommendations to the early education and school-age practitioners enabling them to move through the STARS process, submit grants in a timely fashion, and annually project professional development plans.

Specific Duties:

  1. Develop and maintain working relationships with a specified caseload of early care and education and school-age practitioners ensuring target goals are achieved.
  2. Facilitate professional development with a group of practitioners encouraging the engagement of the continuous quality improvement process and the intent and requirements of Keystone Stars.
  3. Collaborate with ELRC staff members to provide assistance to facilities interested in requesting grants or awards and process provider grants.
  4. Assist practitioners in setting individualized program goals and annual professional development plans in relationship to Keystone STARS standards.
  5. Act as a resource informing practitioners of professional development events, educational opportunities, additional grants or consultants.
  6. Complete annual plans and projections with assigned child care and school-age practitioners to enable them to complete the work toward achievement of a Keystone STAR level.
  7. Work with the supportive/collaborative systems to assure the practitioner is able to access additional services as are needed ( including, Infant Toddler Project, STARS TA, Regulatory Referral, CCHC, SAC ASQ, ECMH, Mentoring, CQI resources, Program Observation Instruments, CCW, LEARN, Certification, Head Start/ PKC Specialists etc… ).
  8. Using the available software, the Coach is responsible for recording the progress of all applications assigned (e.g., PELICAN, internal tracking system).
  9. Develop reports as necessary.
  10. Responsible for ongoing reporting of the process of the program for practitioners in their caseload.
  11. Assist as necessary to facilitate STAR level designations, grant generation, closures and audits.
  12. Attend and participate in meetings with partners such as Certification, PQA, STARS TA, OCDEL; maintain ongoing communication with said partners.
  13. Coordinate with ELRC staff to support the provider agreement process, STAR renewal and move-up.
  14. Maintains awareness of ongoing changes/improvements to the early care and school-age system
  15. Participates in ongoing professional development and educational opportunities to augment his/her own skills.
  16. Disseminate information through personal contact, informational material, print and electronic media, etc.
  17. Facilitates the expansion of STARS to other program types like Private Academic Nursery Schools, School District Pre K, Early Intervention programs, etc.
  18. Develops and monitors a STARS improvement plan to help ensure continued quality improvement of selected child care facilities.
  19. Develops and maintains positive working relationships with providers, staff, and other partners in Keystone STARS.
  20. Maintains comprehensive knowledge of programs and resources within assigned geographic territory
  21. Maintains complete, accurate and accessible automated and manual files, records and databases, and prepares associated reports as required by government, funding source, and ELRC management.
  22. Ensures compliance with government, funding sources and CCA regulations and requirements.
  23. Participates in and supports the collaborative team approach.
  24. Coordinate and conduct meetings establishing a community of practice, including shared services among early learning providers.
  25. Supports the coordination of the mentorship program.
  26. Performs other such duties as may be required by the Implementation and Operations Coordinator or Director within the scope of the Early Learning Resource Center.
  27. Facilitates professional development and support to child care staff and directors by help program programs identify locate and Professional Development that supports the programs CQI goals


  1. Master Degree preferred; minimum Bachelor Degree in early childhood education, child development, social services, business administration or related field and three (3) years’ experience preferably in early care and education and/or school-age programs or human services, which involved some collaborative inter-agency work
  2. Current PA Quality Assurance System (PQAS) Certification preferred
  3. Experience in outreach, needs assessment, planning marketing and public speaking helpful
  4. Comprehensive knowledge of Keystone STARS regulations and requirements.
  5. Strong working knowledge about trends and best practices Early Childhood Education.
  6. Knowledge of community organizations, social and human services agencies, childcare services and systems, schools, etc., and collaborative interagency relationships.
  7. Ability to effectively articulate the mission and vision of the Keystone STARS Program.
  8. Ability to provide guidance, direction, and support to early care and school-age practitioners to facilitate Keystone STARS involvement and compliance with standards.
  9. Ability to build positive reciprocal relationships with early care and school-age practitioners.
  10. Ability to provide management with timely and accurate reports and recommendations.
  11. Ability to work effectively in a team.
  12. Ability to juggle multiple tasks and competing priorities.
  13. Ability to maintain complete, accurate, and accessible files and records.
  14. Ability to communicate effectively and work productively with colleagues, government agencies, program participants, parents, and other human services organizations, etc. in a positive, pleasant, professional, and productive manner in writing, by telephone, and in personal contacts.
  15. Working knowledge of personal computers and networked systems and their use and applications for data base management, tracking and reporting, etc. in a human services or similar environment.
  16. Demonstrated fundamental knowledge of business practices such as creating budgets and business plans.
  17. Knowledge of early care and school-age systems, public social services, public funding helpful.
  18. Ability to maintain a high level of confidentiality and sensitivity in all working relationships.
  19. Ability to speak publicly in front of large and small groups.
  20. Knowledge of the PA Early Childhood System, including licensing/certification requirements and related supportive programs and services. Strong working knowledge of such programs within assigned geographic territory.
  21. Ability to organize, prioritize and establish schedules to accomplish program goals and evaluate the delivery of service and program objectives.
  22. Ability to plan, organize and carry out assignments and responsibilities on time, correctly, in a professional, effective, efficient and independent manner.
  23. Ability to work productively from a remote location, independent of direct supervision.
  24. Ability and flexibility to participate in services, programs and activities during regular scheduled workdays, evenings and weekends when necessary
  25. Ability to meet the physical demands associated with work in an office environment; including lifting, bending and carrying and travel to other facilities within the region
  26. Valid PA driver’s license, reliable transportation, vehicle insurance to comply with Agency standards of coverage, and willing to travel in all the counties we serve, and other counties as required.
  27. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) fingerprint processed in accordance with Public Law 92522 and Child Protective Services Law (Title 23, PA C.S. Chapter 63), Federal Criminal History Background Check
  28. Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance
  29. PA State Police Report of Criminal History Clearance.

I understand and agree to the terms and requirements of the job duties for this position of STARS Quality Coach.

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New. 7/12/19
Rev. 9/25/19

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