Housing and WeatherizationGPU WARM (PLUS) (Multi-Fam.), West Penn Power WARM (PLUS), First Energy, WX, Housing Rehab

Bedford, Blair, Cambria, Fulton, Somerset counties.

What is Weatherization (WX)?

Weatherization is a service we offer that is designed to help you reduce fuel use in your home. This service allows us to help “seal up” your home so your fuel costs decrease.

What is Housing Rehabilitation?

Housing Rehabilitation (Rehab) allows us to help bring your home up to safe living standards through various aspects of repair or improvement.

What is Furnace Repair or Replacement?

As the name implies, this service allows us to repair or replace your furnace for you, free of charge.

What are Energy Services such as GPU WARM?

The various energy services offered through Center for Community action allow us to help you reduce your kilowatt usage through a variety of methods; thus reducing your monthly electric bill.

Our programs help to keep your home “weatherized.” Let us help you today, please call!