Housing Counselor



IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR: Director of Human Services

STARTING HOURLY RANGE: $12.00-$13.00 per hour; Full Time 35 hrs./wk.;
Non-Exempt Status

Overall responsibility: Perform client intakes for the Agency’s Housing Programs and enter information into system databases. Provide information and guidance to households to meet their first-time home purchase. Build relationships with lenders and advocate for the consumer. Housing counseling services will be provided to first-time home buyers, as well as the Housing Program consumers.

Specific Duties:

  1. Obtain and maintain necessary client information required by the funding agencies to receive agency services; while ensuring each household is eligible for services by determining income, providing verification, and obtaining all necessary documents.
  2. Schedule appointments with consumers in a timely manner, while maintaining schedule for effective case management.
  3. Conduct comprehensive individual pre-purchase; financial capability, post purchase counseling, counseling sessions including but not limited to pre-purchase, financial capability, and credit rebuilding.
  4. Prepare and maintain consumer case files and update consumer information and case notes into multiple data management systems.
  5. Become familiar with local financing and mortgage programs that are offered, while reviewing credit reports and making the appropriate referrals to programs deemed on program eligibility and financial recommendation.
  6. Work with local banks, lenders, Veteran’s Administration, Social Security Administration and other agencies.
  7. Respond in a timely manner to consumer’s phone calls, resolve consumer/lender/landlord/creditor problems and document account activity in the Agency’s data operation system.
  8. Attend training sessions, workshops, and/or meetings to enhance services for consumers, stakeholders, and the growth of the agency.
  9. Ensure successful client outcomes.
  10. Ensure that all counseling sessions, case management sessions, and referrals are properly documented according to program guidelines.
  11. Compile reports (monthly) as assigned by the Director of Human Services.
  12. Occasional travel may be required
  13. Other duties as may be required.


  1. Completion of an Associate Degree in Business Administration and two years’ experience in housing counseling (mortgage experience is a plus).
  2. Ability to provide service in accordance with all state, federal, and regulatory guidelines for the provision of counseling services.
  3. Computer experience in Microsoft Word, Excel, the Internet, and e-mail usage.
  4. Good oral and written communication skills.
  5. Good mathematical skills to conduct accurate income computations.
  6. Completion of Housing Counseling Certification.
  7. Skilled in working with office equipment, copiers, facsimile machines, computers, typewriters, calculators, etc.
  8. Ability to follow oral and written instructions.
  9. Ability to maintain client confidentiality.
  10. Must have a satisfactory credit history.
  11. Valid driver’s license, reliable transportation, vehicle insurance to comply with Agency standards of coverage, and willing to travel in all the counties we serve, and other counties as required
  12. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) fingerprint processed in accordance with Public Law 92522 and Child Protective Services Law (Title 23, PA C.S. Chapter 63), Federal Criminal History Background Check
  13. Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance
  14. PA State Police Report of Criminal History Clearance.

I understand and agree to the terms and requirements of the job duties for the position of Housing Counselor

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