Giving Tuesday

COVID-19 has adversely affected not only our Nation but also our communities. Center for Community Action (CCA) works to serve residents in the community to combat barriers of self-sufficiency. COVID-19 presents a challenging and never-before seen community issue. We have partnered with organizations and governments in your communities to help combat the challenges presented by COVID-19. We are asking you to help with our campaign “Healthy Giving for Healthy Living.” We are aiming to raise funds to assist families in need with food provision, and healthy living supplies such as cleaning solutions, masks, hand sanitizer, and other miscellaneous items to assist with healthy living during this time. We can feed a family of 3 for $40.00, through our local food pantries and we can provide healthy living supplies to families for $100.00. Donate today and play a part in combating this catastrophic disease that has devastated our communities and our neighbors. We thanks you for your support and compassion. To learn more, or to receive a healthy living service contact us at 814-623-9129 or visit our website at #healthygivingforhealthyliving