Family Navigation Coordinator



IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR: Director of Human Services

STARTING SALARY RANGE: Starting $30,000 Full Time, 35 hrs./wk., Non-Exempt Status

Overall Responsibility: The Family Navigation Program Coordinator will be assisting families in developing the goals and plans to lead to self-sufficiency. This program will assist clients with identifying resources to meet their needs for stability and then to work to create goals/plans to lead to self-sufficiency.

Specific Duties:

  1. Provide consumer friendly, family centric case management services to help families meet basic needs including effective referrals.
  2. Assist the client in navigating other needed social supports.
  3. Assist in navigating programs and services related to COVID-19.
  4. Document and verify income eligibility.
  5. Maintain client files and assure all required documents are in place.
  6. Provide referrals to appropriate in-house departments or external service providers.
  7. Develop relationships with community leaders and conduct community outreach.
  8. Maintain an updated and comprehensive listing of housing options and resources.
  9. Update current Human Services Hub and Information and Referral resources.
  10. Work with clients to resolve barriers to self-sufficiency.
  11. Attend training sessions, workshops and/or meetings that will enhance services to clients
  12. Compile monthly, quarterly and annual reports.
  13. Analyze data and reports to identify trends and make recommendations regarding referrals and services.
  14. Travel to various sites within the five -county region to conduct intake and complete other transactions relating to program services.
  15. Maintain confidentiality of family records and personal information.
  16. Other duties as may be required.
  17. Associate’s or bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, community development or a similar field and at least two years’ experience in a community development or community engagement or economic development position. Experience may be used in lieu of a degree.
  18. Able to deal with people of all walks of life.
  19. Great attention to detail, as well as, the ability to think abstractly and strategically.
  20. Ability to motivate and welcome others into a group in a manner that supports open discussions that support increased understanding of the issues and promotes a solution focused direction.
  21. Exceptional written and verbal communication skills.
  22. Excellent computer skills including Word, Excel. PowerPoint
  23. Dedication to being inclusive and creating a learning environment.
  24. Commitment to providing services with a client centered focus and within an atmosphere of dignity and respect.
  25. Ability to build rapport with diverse clients, coworkers and colleagues through effective communication, listening skills and empathy
  26. Ability to adapt to a variety of situations and individuals, ability to work independently and also work on team projects
  27. Ability to develop and maintain an understanding of eligibility criteria and policies related to various federal and local public benefit programs
  28. Ability to maintain confidentiality regarding all agency business, employee and client matters.
  29. Ability to follow oral and written instructions.
  30. Ability to maintain client confidentiality.
  31. Valid PA driver’s license, reliable transportation, vehicle insurance to comply with Agency standards of coverage, and willing to travel in all the counties we serve, and other counties as required.
  32. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) fingerprint processed in accordance with Public Law 92522 and Child Protective Services Law (Title 23, PA C.S. Chapter 63), Federal Criminal History Background Check
  33. Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance
  34. PA State Police Report of Criminal History Clearance.

I understand and agree to the terms and requirements of the job duties for the position of Family Navigation Program Coordinator.

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New: 06/17/20

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